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I am a 5.9-inches tall, fairly good-looking bloke, who inherited a kind of toned healthy body from my parents. Inspite of that, until a year ago I was part of the ‘stay thin’ fad. And even though I was successful at maintaining the 6-pack body weight, l always felt ‘food stress’.

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My day typically began with breakfast: “I must have my glass of cold water” since it kick-starts the metabolism. “No wait”, just yesterday Aunt Meera told me to have a teaspoon of cinnamon with hot water; but I also read somewhere – the best option to be thin is to have coconut water. “Oh god its 8 am – I should have had some fruit by now.”

This used to be my daily ritual. Me and the little guy on my shoulder called DIET!

And this was just breakfast. Lunch and dinner were another ballgame. There were egg whites cooked in 1 drop of olive oil, no bread, but maybe have multigrain and/or have muesli oats sugar free with skimmed milk. The list seemed never ending. Terms like Bajra/multigrain/ragi replaced what I grew up eating and calling “roti”. Throw in a few dry fruits and flax and chia seeds and voila the day is done!! Oh wait, need to gulp 8 glasses of infused water + 5 cups of green tea is a MUST.

Next morning: Repeat

After doing this ritual for a couple of years – you would think I should not have been worried at all. But the truth was completely different. Though the healthy food did me and the body good, it ruined my head and my pocket!

That’s when I realised the most basic truth about health which you may also have known but never bothered to follow. There are only two simple rules that work – One is eat what you like, just make sure it is in Moderation and the second is Exercise! Make small changes in your diet if needed, and keep those feet moving. Supplements today is a million-dollar industry and one need not contribute to it. They aren’t needed.

This is also endorsed also by Mumbai-based nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who says the key to staying healthy is in knowing when to stop. “Our brain communicates with the tongue to stop just before we have taken in an optimal amount of food,”

So people – my suggestion is – let’s not overthink our nutrition and our food. Don’t get your mind into a bind into what is the nutritional value and x and y of this. STOP analysing everything. Enjoy your food and stick to what you know. As someone who’s maintained a healthy weight, our mind and brain can be used for better and more productive things if we can discipline ourselves. Fads will never remain constant!

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